f-arbe 8:36pm, 14 June 2012

In my feeling, the frequency of posts in this group already exceeds a "healthy" limit. A photo posted becomes invisible from the entry page (the last 12 posts) already within a few minutes. It seems hardly possible to enjoy the good ones and leave quality comments on such a flood of pictures.

In my opinion, the posting should therefore be throttled down a bit, say to 3 pictures per member per day. It would also raise the average quality, encouraging a bit of selection and reflection before posting.

What's your opinion?

Best greetings, Frederik.
NKK 6 years ago

I agree on this.

To many pics passing through on the "frontpage" from the same user, maybe sometimes a batch with 5 nearly identical pics showing, could be minimized by limiting to maybe 3 pics. And provide a better chance to enjoy the pictures everybody uploads.

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