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tackyshack ADMIN November 24, 2009
Any thoughts on December's group icon? Hit the discussion board.

Several Discussions underway. I'd really like to hear some of your craziest ideas for nature light painting.

Your Tacky Admin & Shacktastic Painter of Light,
- Jeremy

Group Description

Thanks for viewing/joining the group! This group is devoted to the incorporation of trees, plants, rivers, oceans, ponds and lakes, rock formations, wildlife, etc. in light painting photography.

Please submit nature shots that contain some form of additional light that is man-made and deliberately intended for the shot. A street light over a tree or reflections of city lights on a lake would not be suitable.

Long exposure shots done at night with a light in motion are preferred but not necessarily the only acceptable forms of photography for the group.

Thanks for sharing!

Group Rules

1. The photography cannot contain any adult content. Let's keep it kid friendly. It shouldn't be hard using natural elements & environments.

2. All photos added need to incorporate a natural element in the outdoors being painted with light. Rocks,streams, beaches, trees, lakes, plants,and even animals are welcome in the shots but people should not be overly visible if at all possible. (After all, we're the most unnatural looking animal on the planet.)

3. Being about nature, buildings and man-made structures may be in the shot but again, not a major presence in the photo.

4. Light painted nature scenes shot indoors or in unnatural environments are acceptable as long as they are emulating a nature scene well.

5. Have fun with this everybody! Let's see where we can take it!

Picture this... I envision an entire mountain range shot from above or the entire rim of a lake being shot from above and from the water being painted by a swarm of light painters such as us for what would be a slew of incredible shots. Would that not be the greatest collaborative photo ever constructed?

Tell me this doesn't get you excited about light painting with nature. Let's all take it Into the great wide open.

Thanks again for contributing to the cause.

- Jeremy

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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