blockpartypress PRO 2:12am, 11 October 2007
I like to take pictures of nature to use as inspiration for later. Let me see some of your inspiring nature photos.

I'll get us started. Here's one of mine:

Another World

Here's the photo from the group's avatar:
Crafting 365/ Day 17 - Natural Elements Collage
SmithDryGoods PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by SmithDryGoods (member) 9 years ago
I went to a farmstand and got a bunch of inspired!

Decorative Corn

Mini pumpkins
m0lly74 PRO 9 years ago
Here's some of mine, from the Aussie garden:

Flower - Nyabing WA

Kangaroo Paws - Nyabing WA

Wildflowers from Perth Australia

Flower - Nyabing WA
knitsteel PRO 9 years ago
I'm working on a commission this week involving steel bamboo. Here's an inspiration shot from my own small stand of winter hardy bamboo .
bamboo inspiration
knitsteel PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by knitsteel (member) 9 years ago
Also, I've always found the thistle to be an inspiring form

rogue thistle
It's quite evocative, in different ways for different people

For example, I used the thistle in this sculptural cabinet form thistle cabinet
This now belongs to another artist that I traded with.
nanjodogz 9 years ago
These were taken in our yard at our Wisconsin home.


blockpartypress PRO 9 years ago
Beautiful everyone! Thanks for sharing! I have thistles on my mind too knitsteel:

Floral Explosion
Jefita 9 years ago
I take all sorts of pictures, but don't get around to using as many as I mean too. I should fix that. Here are some random flowery things I liked.




(Yay! I figured out how to add photos!)
The Intuitive Garden 9 years ago
Rusty Leaves
knitsteel PRO 9 years ago
Jefita, what is the plant in the first photo you posted?
blockpartypress PRO 9 years ago
Great pictures Jefita! I love all the tiny details.

Thanks for adding your gorgeous pic Intuitive!!
Lenareh™ 9 years ago
mga dahon

mga dahon

mayana leaf (back)

hello everyone just joined you in this group and above are my initial post..
Jefita 9 years ago
Knitsteel - I don't know. It was a plant I found along a river. I had never seen it before and I thought it was interesting.
blockpartypress PRO 9 years ago
birdieoodle Posted 9 years ago. Edited by birdieoodle (member) 9 years ago
shemacgo 8 years ago
rockpool- nature at its best by shemacgo
felted bag inspired by rockpool by shemacgo
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