abhinav_natarajan 3:20pm, 12 April 2008
Please give a short introduction of yourself here.
abhinav_natarajan 10 years ago
I am Abhinav, living in Bangalore, India. I have just begun to discover the joys of photography, and I hope to become very good at it.
I am equipped with a Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 camera.
jacksonbricks 10 years ago
Hey guys, I'm Jackson, I'm living in Nashville, Tennessee. I have found that photography can be very enjoyable. I use my dad's D80 at the moment, but I'm saving up to get a D60 of my own so I can take shots outside of my backyard.
Barka Fabianova 9 years ago
I'm Barka, living in Prague, Czech Republic.I love photography, mostly shotting landscape,nature and concerts. I use Canon EOS 350D but hope soon buy EOS 40D or 50D.
WS. 9 years ago
Hi, I'm William living in Perth, Australia. Love photography! enjoy landscape and nature
Darinka Maja PRO 3 years ago
Hello, My name is Darinka, i live in Australia, but travel and move around often. Recently got myself a new SLR after several years of using Film.. Happy to be exploring digital photography again. I am also a Student Vedic Astrologer.
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