Curiosity thrills. 8:53pm, 10 February 2013
what is your current or longstanding nature related publication and why.
Please give full title and author. With me the title could change from week to week. I have a first edition of Sir Peter Scott's 'Wildfowl of the world' so that would be a contender. Also a signed copy of David Attenboroughs 'Life on Earth' is a bit special. Just to be in a room with him was a thrill.
fungusfoe 6 years ago
Hi Buzz,
Thanks for the invite. I had to click 'join' because I didn't know how to reply to you and didn't want to just ignore the invite because that would have been rude of me.
I have to turn you down though because I spend far too much of my time already browsing and commenting on the fungi photos and you have probably already noticed I don't send photos in myself - I was shown how to at the beginning, but my short term memory seems to be deteriorating very quickly now that I am coming up to 65 and I find everything about computers very confusing.

I notice several of you have books by the late Peter Jordan - he lived just up the coast from me. I'm told he was a good mushroom cook, but as for his skills in mushroom ID ... ... mustn't laugh, but his friend Peter Wheeler must have done most of the ID's for him because his books have few mistakes. He was a lovely chap though and I joined him on several occasions for a pint at his adopted local at Southwold on the Suffolk Coast.

Sadly, he past away a few years ago from bowel cancer - not sure if it was the rich food he ate or the wrong identification of fungi !

Curiosity thrills. 6 years ago
Hi Neil.
no worries about not adding photos as I am aware that you do not post. I and I am sure others value you as a contact for your help in ID' ing, correcting and sometimes even confirming our fungi photos.

Regards. Buzz
eyriel PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the invite, Buzz. Will take some photos and add them asap!
Curiosity thrills. 6 years ago
Buzz !:

My fave nature book of all time is a very recent purchase called Plant Galls by Margaret Redfern. It is part of the wonderful, informative and times even highbrow New Naturalist series.
The books charts the history, science, identification and much else besides of some of the world's plant galls, though is not and doesn't aim to be a pictoral guide.
A book to dip into time and time again.
Curiosity thrills. Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Curiosity thrills. (member) 6 years ago

Thank you Lisa. I am sure that there will be many books from overseas members that we all would like to see. i personally have quite a few on New Zealand flora (one of my few obsessions :^)
Regards. buzz
Petaliaw Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Petaliaw (member) 6 years ago
I've never thought about what's my favourite book. I guess maybe Ian Hood's book "An Illustrated Guide to Fungi on Wood in New Zealand" - maybe because I tend to look for fungi on wood as most other people go for mushrooms growing from soil. I may not post for a while so bear with me, I have so much other stuff to work on at the moment.
Mic, returning... PRO 6 years ago
Hi Buzz
Thank you very much for the invite.
Sorry for the delay in replying, been rather hectic and also have only just renewed my Pro subscription.
I've been out of photography for a few months, not been too well, but I'm now on the mend, and as I'm going away in a weeks time, I intend to take a load of photos.
Well, my book is A Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland, by Paul Waring and Martin Townsend, illustrated by Richard Lewington.
I don't know if it is possible to have a favourite book, my interests draw from hand drawn to good photographic books, and the information must be digestible.
Curiosity thrills. 5 years ago
MikeV (thegreengardener):

I know what you mean. My favorite now might not be in the depths of winter of height of summer. I tend to read about exotic plants and wildlife in the winter and british in spring summer.
Curiosity thrills. 5 years ago

I guess that it had to be something on Fungi. look forward to seeing your biblio uploads in the future petra .
Curiosity thrills. 5 years ago
Mic the otter spotter (trying to get up to speed)):

Good to hear that you are on the mend Michelle. Your fave is a book that I intend buying as i only have butterflies of South west scotland and nothing on moths.
Calsidyrose PRO 5 years ago
Thank you for creating this group. I adore nature books of almost any sort and have a good collection of American and British titles. I took the liberty of adding a selection of titles to the pool. I have specific sets in my photostream dedicated to nature books--"Identify that Plant" and "Golden Guides".

I enjoyed perusing the foreign titles. I love the graphics and the way different cultural lenses affect how we implement identification.

I look forward to seeing more treasures.
MaggyN PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Curiosity thrills. (member) 4 years ago
Hi Buzz

Over the years I've had lots of favourites - but one of my current favourites is "Findings" by Kathleen Jamie - not a field guide but full of beautiful essays on nature in its widest sense - a wonderful book.
Curiosity thrills. 4 years ago
MaggyN (trying to catch up):

Poetry or essays on nature are wonderful to read thru' just for the sheer pleasure that reading gives. Yours sounds a delightful read, something to have and cherish and to which you can dip into time and time again.
Andrew Cooper 2017 PRO 3 years ago
There are so many books that I can think of, to list as my 'favourite' but to be truthful I couldn't decide..

One of these favourites has got to be "Butterfly Farmer" by the magnificent Leonard Hugh Newman. A book that beautifully describes the adventures of the writer and his family out in the field looking for Butterflies but also breeding them at home during the early-twentieth century.
A personal favourite because I can see events that I have also been lucky enough to enjoy in my life.
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