Terry_NYorks 6:07pm, 14 June 2013
The future of the NRM is under review in the forthcoming budget cuts.

Please conside supporting the Museum by completing a petition at : www.yorkpress.co.uk/indepth/savethenrm/petition/

Also search just "NRM" on York Press for updates : www.yorkpress.co.uk/search/?search=NRM

It is absolutely unthinkable for the Country - let alone the World - to lose the UK\'s National Railway Museum. In the minds of Railway folk, young and old, it is a World Heritage site. Probalby better known in fact than the Australian Museum of the same name.

And how do countries feel that have presented some items of rolling stock (Japan and China etc) to this nation; let alone all of those countries whose motive power, especially steam, was manufactured in the UK.

Once we give out heritage and treasures away, what will we have left as a country, and what will York have : one less major attaction.

The rearch asset that the NRM is, is unquantifiable in value, indeed priceless. Who else would keep such documentation as this : a photo history of a private group leader of a tour, a tour of historical significance. -
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Oops, I've inadvertantly renamed the museum in this discussion, which will foil many search engines (pardon the pun, NRM).

Nonetheless, the National Railway Museum is part of the UK's Heritage..
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