dgator77 2:30am, 6 September 2006
My name is Dana and I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida. I take all my pictures here in my neighborhood. I would love to hear where somee of you are from.
LilBtch PRO 12 years ago
I'm Sylvia, born and raised in upstate NY (eastern NY near the Vermont border). I've been living in Phoenix AZ for the last 10yrs and love it here.
DeepBluC PRO 12 years ago
i'm from the UK. currently living and working in the midlands, but am from the south, near london. i tend to take photos anywhere and everywhere!
Thoughts like clouds 12 years ago
Fabio, from Italy. Shooting pictures all around the world, or rather, wherever I go. :-)
Lo M PRO 12 years ago
Hi Dana, hi everyone,

My name is Laurent, I come from Brussels in Belgium, i take my pics everywhere,everytime when i do not forget my camera :-))) I have a short Set with some Belgian pictures. I have no particular subject to focus on but i love people of the world and many of my pics contain persons. Let s enjoy our photostream!
Desert Girl 12 years ago
My name is Annette, I was born and raised in Wisconsin and have lived in Nevada (currently Reno/Sparks) for the last 9 years. I mostly take pictures from our area.
dgator77 12 years ago
Thanks Sylvia, Deepblue, Fabio, Laurent and Annette for the replys. It's always interesting to see where everyone is from. I'm so happy you've all decided to share your wonderful pictures with us!
triphammer- 12 years ago
Hi All,

I'm Tom and I'm from Gasport(where's that) New York. Western New York for sure. I was directed to flickr the first of the year .
All my pictures are within an hour 's drive of home.
dgator77 12 years ago
Welcome to all of you, and thank you for participating!
conmike12 PRO 12 years ago
I am Conor,born and bred in Clondalkin,Dublin,Ireland.I took up photography 6 months ago and I have really become addicted to it,and to flickr.I have found some really friendly and informative people here on Flickr and all the different groups.Hello and salutations to you all!!
mturnage PRO 12 years ago
Hi. I live in Dallas, Texas. Grew up in West Texas where the prettiest scenery was the sunset. I'm not a morning person so haven't seen as many sunrises, but I love them both. Have enjoyed all the pics in this group.
jkairvar 12 years ago
Hi,these days I live and work at Rajkot in Gujarat state.I belong to New Delhi in india and have beeen practicing photography for more than a decade,which is my passion. I appreciate the ideas and comments of members of the group through sharing photos-jkairvar
Ms. Kathleen PRO 12 years ago
I am from the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota.
Flutterbye_856 PRO 11 years ago
I'm from the Alabama gulf coast! Happy to be here!
Poet for Life PRO 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Ines and I live in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. I take most of my pictures in my immediate surroundings and when I go travelling.
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