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STICKY Admin asks: Who's upto driving this group?

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AnxiousNut says:

Howdy there,

Few months ago -after I ditched flickr for a year- I found out that I've became the admin of this group! ... I was shocked.

I was an ordinary member, but it seemed that the previous admin escaped and left this group to me to handle. Honestly, I've only taken one image of naked/exposed electronics and it was a sucky one! You wonder why have I became the admin? Because flickr chose the oldest surviving member in the group, which strangely turned out to be me!

I have never taken this group administration seriously - sorry. I peek in the pool once every ... almost never? So, I thought of leaving this group to a worthy fellow who's ready to drive this group! One that perhaps ready to create competitions or something! However, being ready to only handle the administration is also okay.

... So who's ready to take over? I really don't want to do just like the last admin and let the oldest fellow member be an admin without knowing. If you're ready, please say so.

tl;dr version: If you feel worthy of becoming the admin of this group, speak up.
4:58PM, 6 June 2011 PDT (permalink)

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AnxiousNut says:

... since no one's speaking up, I shall ditch ya'll - and by default the oldest member will become the admin ! So say hello to the new unknown, but yet to be known, admin. He might be as ignorant, better, or even worse. However, whatever the outcome is, don't blame me as I gave you the opportunity to hold that place. :)

Note to new admin: You can change everything, guidelines, moderation, and even the whole activity. It's up to you to drive this gloomy ship, well, unless if you wish to ditch it and leave that to be another's responsibility. And if I'm not mistaken, you can ditch it (remove admin privileges), then join as a member. XD

Originally posted 85 months ago. (permalink)
AnxiousNut edited this topic 85 months ago.

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superglue99x is a group administrator superglue99x says:

Ha. Thanks.
40 months ago (permalink)

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