kristenbethany 6:27am, 16 January 2013
i had a bunch of gear stolen in 2009 i believe it was...parked at ward, ate dinner, came back and it was gone as was all our luggage from a short trip to shop and see Stomp. i had insurance but it still sucked. i remember hearing that a bunch of other people had gear stolen between 2009 and 2011 and i wanted to let you all know about i registered my serial # there after i got tired of scouring craigslist for anyone selling/buying a mk2 and then after insurance paid i totally forgot about it. i JUST received an email today that the camera serial was sighted ON FLICKR. currently talking to HPD about what to do next, not even sure they'd care since it's an old case but if there are a few of us who had gear stolen in the same year and ESPECIALLY in the downtown/ward/waikiki area it might make a difference to HPD to hear about other cases. please register stolen serials with this website so we can catch these idiots!!!
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