Cory.Lum 4:06am, 26 November 2012
Update: We're meeting at noon at Sanuki Udon on Keeaumoku St. across from Walmart. Parking is under the building or try to blend in at the Walmart parking structure and cross the street.


aloha all !

everyone's busy for december

ala moana is going off

lets see when/ where we can plan a meetup !
madmarv00 3 years ago
So 2nd Friday is the 14th, 3rd Friday is the 21st.

On one hand, I think people will be less busy on the 14th, but I kinda want to do something on the 21st in case the Mayan calendar doesn't end the world.
dried_squid 3 years ago
"=> 0000" either the world's end, or "0000 =>"start fresh.

Dec 21? Do we have to dress up?
terr93 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by terr93 (member) 3 years ago
I thought the Mayan Calendar didn't take into account Leap Years the World was supposed to have ended quite a few months ago...
jptexphoto 3 years ago
Here in Texas, we had the Dublin Dr Pepper (made with the regional recipe-real sugar cane) end production and the Hostess products ended, so as well be the end.
Cory.Lum 3 years ago
21st ? where to gang ?
BethLynn 3 years ago
Is this going to be an afternoon or evening meetup?
mogimonster 3 years ago
Where? Not sure if I can make this one. :(
Cory.Lum 3 years ago
kyle i hear u ! where u headed ?
madmarv00 3 years ago
Oh yeah, almost forgot about this.

I'll be at Sanuki Udon. 678-694 Keeaumoku St. This is next door to Panda Cuisine on Keeaumoku across from Walmart. Parking is under the building, or you can hide in the Walmart parking structure.

I'll get there a little bit after noon. This place is BYOB, and has some good udon and karaage chicken.
dried_squid 3 years ago
Sorry. Can't make it.

Happy Holidays everyone. See you next year. I think....
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