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This group has changed and is now for genuine unknown locations. There is a successful group Guess Where UK which offers the chance to have fun guessing pics you post where you DO know the location. The remaining pics on this group are now nearly all those where the location is not known, it is the latter which I intend this group to concentrate on.

More here at Steve Bulman's site


  • STICKY  Solved Pictures (Graveyard of the Guessed) Vol 6

    Here's the new thread to post your guessed photos. Once your photo has been g...

    ChurchCrawler4 months ago32 replies

  • Mystery War Memorial

    Not a church, so unless admins say it's Ok I won't add to the group. But I wonde...

    whatsthatpicture30 months ago0 replies

  • Irrelevant pictures

    we seem to be getting an increasing number of pictures being added that are not ...

    ghughesarch39 months ago1 replies

  • Unknown Methodist Chapel?

    I hope I did this correctly. I uploaded an image to the photo pool containing a ...

    dean700239 months ago1 replies

  • Anyone know their Dutch churches?

    The group only seems to have British churches, but I wondered if anyone could he...

    whatsthatpicture47 months ago1 replies

  • Looking for a small chapel in Derbyshire

    Hi Folks Desperate to find a small chapel I went to few years ago, but sadly ha...

    ve.drag49 months ago2 replies

  • Post-war brutalist church for iD please

    Mystery solved! by Auntie P
    Can anyone help me identify this church? I am sure it is in the UK and it is...

    Auntie P54 months ago1 replies

  • Two old postcards in an industrial setting, but where?

    Two old postcard about circa 1907.. any ideas where??

    croninjason94357 months ago1 replies

  • Church ID

    Hi I took the 3 images in a tour of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire a...

    fredgrothenwell57 months ago2 replies

  • Solved Pictures (Graveyard of the Guessed Vol V)

    New thread for located churches If someone guesses your image correctly, or a...

    ChurchCrawler64 months ago51 replies

  • Church query

    The following photograph was posted on a genealogy site with a question as to th...

    Malky0379 months ago3 replies

  • ID from church

    Sorry this one isn't in the pool but it's not my picture. However, if anyone can...

    Fraser P81 months ago0 replies

  • Mystery church in scottish border area

    I have been put in touch with this group by a visitor to my own Flickr site. I h...

    JAYBEE+195884 months ago1 replies

  • ID help

    Anyone recognise this one?

    Not my photo so I can't post it to the pool I'...

    Fraser P84 months ago2 replies

  • church and town ID help

    Hi everyone, this may not be to much of a challenge for the groupmembers, but I ...

    Colin John Ford90 months ago0 replies

  • New Member

    I recently decided that it was time to resurrect the images trapped in a large c...

    stephenlamb110 months ago1 replies

  • graveyard of the guessed vol. IV

    If someone guesses your image correctly, or at least to your satisfaction: 1)...

    Simon_K115 months ago45 replies

  • Guess Where UK

    If you enjoy the challenge of mystery photographs - not just of churches - then ...

    ChurchCrawler117 months ago0 replies

  • Hello

    At someone's suggestion I have posted some scenes from my 'Various Unidentified'...

    boundless marble118 months ago1 replies

  • question

    are abbeys, cathedrals and priorys acceptable or is it JUST churches Fi

    FionaBrimsPhotographyages ago1 replies

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