iloveacer 11:15am, 3 January 2010
i find hacking is much more fun than riding around in a school ! Schooling has its place but i find hacking you can actually learn more about riding , In a school u can be tort to take the right canter lead or perfect trotting diagonals but i find you learn out and about much more to riding with obstacles to tackle fields to gallop across! (and is much more fun for horse and rider) so my vote is for hacking ! what do you feel id=s best ?
Poofy 9 years ago
i think hacking also! :D I like to be on my own with my horse!
Midnight_photography 9 years ago
Hacking definately!!
HKW Photography 9 years ago
It depends if I'm not jumping I'd prefer to hack but I don't have my own horse...
jackomundano 6 years ago
i find that hacking and schooling can be really helpful; hacking gives you time to relax, and it also teaches your horse to be calm around unusual situation, plus nothing beats a fast gallop up a track, but schooling is great for your horse to teach him groundwork as well as riding correctly, it is great when you know your schooling has paid off.
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