moviegal13 9:17pm, 30 November 2009
I almost got bucked off yesterday! The horse started popping in the air! My instructor got on the horse and it tried to buck her to! So the horse was having a bad day! I didnt feel much anything, I wasnt scared, I was kinda mad actually. Cause the horse was just being a brat! So today I feel like ugh I dont really want to ride that horse again. What did you feel like? But i'm still getting back on!
EnigmaG204 9 years ago
Well, I know what it feels like. I got bucked off on my second lesson, the horse had a horrible tantrum. I'm still pretty terrified of horses bucking now. It's been about 4 years.
s.jrenee 9 years ago
I don't recall.. I think I was in high school .. I graduated in 1969.. that was a long long long long time ago. Recently went off )stupid being bareback!( it HURT alot more!
horsegal_1003 8 years ago
The first time I was ever bucked with, I just remember smiling ear-to-ear and laughing like crazy. I thought it was awesome. :) lol I think I was 7 or 8. To this day, I like a horse who throws in a few spirited bucks here and there. :)
Annoyed. Haha. I was just like, "Dang. This is irritating," and got back on. ;)
HKW Photography 8 years ago
Luckily I've never fallen off after being bucked but the first time I was a bit shocked - that pony had such a lovely temperament and never did it following that...hmmm mysterious
good theory [deleted] 8 years ago
ive never been bucked but im worried about wen it happen cos it probably will :( 2 of my frends say its acc quite fun wen ur bucked
The first time a horse tried to buck me off was when I was on a horse again for the first time after I had a pretty bad riding accident (which resulted in me not being able to walk for about a week) so that was terrifying for me since I was trying to convince myself that riding is not bad or scary or whatever.
I loved it! I own and ride a buck-a-holic! He's a great horse but he tends to get a bit worked up over nothing. You do learn to hang on though.
jackomundano 6 years ago
i have found that my horse who likes to put a cheeky buck in at times has improved my seat sooo much, i can now sit to pretty much anything he throws at me (TOUCHWOOD)!
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