Horsewhisperer92 9:24pm, 13 September 2009
i've been riding for 9 years now... i really started riding three years ago. two years ago, i got my first horse! she is m baby and i love her TO DEATH. (if you wanna see pics they are on my own page...)
Poofy 9 years ago
Well I have been riding for 8 years. :D I have a horse named Charlie! :D

That is so cool! :D I will have to look in your photo stream to see how cute she is! :D
Bea Aguirre 9 years ago
Well I'm 18 years old and when I was about 6 months old my parents started to take me with them when they were going to do horseback riding. When I was 3 years old I started to ride alone.
Now I have my own horse named Rompecorazones and I love him the most. I think I'm going to have a new mare soon named Clarita.
Poofy 9 years ago
WOW! You have been rising for a long time! :D That is so cool about the new mare!! :D
moviegal13 9 years ago
I havnt been riding long only for about 4 months. But Ive been on horses since I was little prob at the age of 4 and up. So I love them!
s.jrenee 9 years ago
Ok.. I admit to being older.. I've been riding off and on since I was about 10.. so that's .. about.. 50 years. course some of that I lived in town and didn't have a horse, but borrowed my sisters. Sometimes I didn't ride for years. I have a quiet retired horse - like me.. who suits me just fine. Though he's bucked a time or two when the weather is just right!
Midnight_photography 9 years ago
I have been riding for six years, and i love it!! I do mostly hunter/jumpers, but i love trail riding and the occasional barrel racing!!
iloveacer 9 years ago
i have been riding for 7 years on and off ... sadly my share horse had to be sold so i was not riding for a wile and have been going to riding schools and riding holidays instead.
horsegal_1003 8 years ago
Well... I'm 23, and was on my first horse before I could walk. :)
piebald pony 8 years ago
i like horses but i havt been riding long. i rode for the first time when i was 7 at a bday party nd ever since i hav been riding on nd off. about 2 months ago i started riding regularly : )
hallowed record [deleted] 8 years ago
I've been riding for I think 7 years now, I don't have my own horse, but I do care for a (black) Shetland pony named Snowy (Why call a black pony Snowy ? I don't realy know..xD)
Legopinto 6 years ago
I have been riding for *almost* three years. My riding anniversary for three years is November 24th. (:
jackomundano 6 years ago
i've been riding since i was 3 and i'm now 14 and i hope to ride for as long as i can!
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