Cigar Lady 3:00am, 17 June 2009
True Colors by Cigar Lady

I've got the rest of the story/question posted in the comments of the photo, as well as a view of the other side. I'd really appreciate any ideas people have about this. This is my first year with this horse (I'm an experienced horseperson, but he is new to me) and I've never seen anything like this.

PS: My photostream is not all rated PG if you don't have your safe filter on... just being careful you are not surprised by anything.
Addicted to Paints 9 years ago
Are those whorls? One of our Paint mares has the craziest coat growth patterns I've ever seen. Her coat looks real similar to the way your horses is growing. Her name is Cleo. I have a couple pictures of her in my photostream, but none of her whorls. I'll have to get some and post them so you can take a look at them. Google "horse whorls" and see what you can find. One of my old Horse and Rider magazines has a 3 or 4 page article about whorls and the theories about them.
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