Poofy 5:25pm, 3 March 2009
Anyone else exited about spring! Finally it wont be cold, wet, and icy anymore! :) I can start training my horse again!
stillcausintrouble53 9 years ago
i am! we just had another huge snow storm but i got one good training day in before it hit. i cant wait till i can start getting my horses ready for show season
Poofy 9 years ago
We have been getting really bad winds out here, and lots of snow still! What shows are you and your horse in?
Phantom Chick 9 years ago
I cant wait for spring!!!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to no snow, no ice, no slush or 20 degrees!! OMG!! And getting to do some real riding!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!
shannondeadlysecrets 9 years ago
i absolute can't wait, its been cold and wet, not that that will change probably, englands always cold and wet, but there's always hope..isnt there.. anyway i cant wait cause i can hack out further, and get some nie photos and stuff. i wont be cramped up in the arena.
Wakiya Means Thunder 9 years ago
I'm excited because I'm just starting Wakiya under saddle and by the time we're ready for trails it will be warm and lovely PERFECT timing!
PAP Photography 9 years ago
I'm excited now that it's spring.
Besides the rain [which is finally almost gone] the weather is perfect for riding. I love it.
It is still cold, my black horse do not like the heat either.
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