Poofy 5:04pm, 1 August 2008
I myself ride Western. It makes me feel more like I am in control of the horse. Plus is they decided to throw you, you can grab the saddle horn.

What do you all think?
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
I ride English I like it better I feel closer to my horse. Also I can't get used to a western saddle they're to bulky for me. :)
MaddieBug Photography 10 years ago
I grew up riding both...We have tenn walkers. They are very versatile horses. In the show ring you ride English and on the trail you ride western. I like both. No preference.
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
I like western. I was raised western so it is what I am used to. I think its a little more comfortable to me, and like Poofy said, if the horse bolts or rears or bucks, you do have something to hold onto if you need to.

My saddle horn has saved my butt a few times!
TheSupremeWoofy 10 years ago
Hmm I ride neather. :( in fact the horse I take kire of is so old her dowt let me. :( but do not let that kill this talk :(
halting cub [deleted] 10 years ago
I love english, just like Etsumi-chan said, you feel closer to your horse and that is what i like. i actually rode bareback for 2 years, and didn't ride in a saddle. Now i ride in a close contact Crosby saddle.
ridin_tha_blue 10 years ago
western rodeo!!! ive ridden english too but i dont own an english saddle do i go bareback. who likes jumping bareback??? SOO FUNN. unless your horse spooks when you land... NOT FUN! LOL
ridin_tha_blue 10 years ago
phantom chick. my saddle horn has nearly killed me before, lolo. i was jumping about 18" and my horn nocked all the air outa me
stillcausintrouble53 10 years ago
i ride and show both but i prefer saddleseat riding by far! i also ride western pleasure and huntseat
flysparrowfly 9 years ago
English all the way!! In a western saddle I always feel kinda loose and just bumblin' along. But in an english saddle I can feel the horse moving beneath me and just have more general control. And you can't jump in a western saddle!
Triana T. PRO 9 years ago
I've ridden both and if I have to ride with a saddle, I prefer English as I can feel the horse better (and I love to jump). But ultimately I prefer bareback.
mylittleoonapie 9 years ago
English for sure :) it makes you feel so much closer and secure with your seat :)
Wakiya Means Thunder 9 years ago
Western, it spreads the weight on the horse's back more venly, I feel more comfortable and secure. Bareback if I don't feel like I'm "close tyo my horse." Plus I ride the original indian horse that came form Spain, cowboyed, rode pony express, if I didn't ride her western it would be like an insult to her heritage, you know how wonderfully Spain and England got along, not to mention the difference in the horses!
clay4life111 9 years ago
i think it just feels more free when ur jumping... and i like the saddle better it feels more comfortable
MustangLover28 9 years ago
I love riding western, but I also love riding english (love jumping)
s.jrenee 9 years ago
I grew up riding bareback and western. My 'green' horse I rode western cause he bucked! My present horse has withers from Hades, I would love to ride bareback, but it's impossible. I'm not sure they make english saddles that would fit him at this point in his life (25 years) I have a cashel/ soft saddle that works, but if we are going any distance I ride western with a custom saddlepad.
PAP Photography 9 years ago
I ride both.
A lot of people seem to think it'd confuse the horse, but mine have no problem with it.

I mainly ride english, it's more comfortable for me.

I like both, though.
wretched books [deleted] 9 years ago
My Father, Brother and I rides western, but my mother rides english...
I like western more, in germany most people ride english but western is getting popular more and more...I don´t like the english sattles and clothes and so on.., don´t know why , and western is better for my horse...=)
Addicted to Paints 9 years ago
Western or bareback!!! Can't do english, lol! Only if I'm jousting. And even then I don't really consider it riding because I'm standing up in the stirrups. I've tried riding english before... It didn't work out so well, lol! So needless to say, I don't own any english saddles. They're all western! :)
Rowdy Rider PRO 9 years ago
Western Trail. I have to deal with high withers, too, so found a new (to me) Amish-built, lightweight saddle that is working great, along with my old standby, western roper.
Horsewhisperer92 9 years ago
I ride english. i have ridden western three times but i prefer english. I have shown in hunter (long stirrup) one season, but that was a few years ago.
Poofy 9 years ago
Wow That is really cool! :D
jackomundano Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jackomundano (member) 6 years ago
English riding, english saddles are much less bulky and you are much closer to the horse, i do showing so english saddles are a must, however, western riding is an art in its self and i admire how people do barrel racing at a gallop, i think western riding cool, but for me i love my english saddle because you can jump, do dressage, and general riding and showing with one.
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