Tenn Walkers

fluffytailnuts 5:16am, 25 June 2008
Hello..we own two Tennesee Walking horses....and we love them..Does any one else have any?
Have a great night!
Rachel hugging Gunner my horse
tall6_6 10 years ago
Marengo is half Tenn Walker
Kisses for Marengo
MaddieBug Photography 10 years ago
I have grown up with nothing but Tennesee Walking horses...They are the most gentle riding horses ever!!!
fluffytailnuts Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fluffytailnuts (member) 10 years ago
HI..TALL & MAD..nice to see some new faces...seemed it was a dead zone in here for a while...thanks for coming in to post..AND THANKS for sharinf pictures..YOUR horse is BEAUTIFUL!!

My husbands Tenn Walker ..Sterling...has a bumpier ride than MINE..and his IS the BOSS..and mine is alwayd getting bossed around by his... horse is as sweet as he looks..
He loves to give kisses..and when He see's me coming he will raise his upper sniff the wind...SO, cute!
Have a great night..YOU two!!
Rachel n Bean...(my ..inside... pet grey squirrel)
Horse's lover
k8sings 10 years ago
Lady, Tenn Walker
Lady 01
Thunderheads coming from the mountains, Castle Mountain, Alaska.
SOSHorses 10 years ago
Oh Yes, I have a barn full, 4 to be exact. They range in age from 25 to 5.

Carbon's Misty

Bonnie Blue

Sammy-5 Bringing Home Sammy

Poofy 10 years ago
Wow! All very nice horses! :)
fluffytailnuts 10 years ago
Beautiful horse!!
Gunner my horse smiling
The first time Ive rode my horse since I broke my wrist back in August on the 11th..this was taken 10 27 08

GUNNER & Rachel 10 27 08
My Gunner is a young boy only 4 years old...
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