Frantic Actions

tabbycat324 9:30pm, 29 April 2008
I`ve trained horses for 8 years now since my grandpa died an dlef tme my farm, but I`ve never trained horses fomr the outside fo rpeople. I got a strawberry roan colt whose name is Joker and he had a traumtic incident in a stall where he cut a major artery in his leg, it seem that they hog-tied him and doctored him themselves before they brought him to me. This whirlwind won`t stay in a stall for nothing and i just got over a broke arm because of this. Any ideas cause if not i`m going to have to sell him and some people might not like this kinda boy.
anima2008 10 years ago
can you find someone who does Parelli or natural/intelligent horsemanship. Sounds like your boy could do with a specialist who understands where he is coming from and is also non-violent. Poor lad has been through enough. Well done for looking for help. By the way, I'm not suggesting that your methods are in any way violent. Sounds to me that your a wonderfully kind person who is doing your best. Believe me i have help with my horse 'cos he had been in an accident and was abused before i got him. Sometimes, i think we are to emotionally involved to think of best solutions. Good Luck. It would be awful to have to sell him and him end up with someone who may hurt him again.
tabbycat324 10 years ago
Thank you. I breed QH and Appendix stock privately and trained only sometimes out of my place, but I think this colt could go far if he could get some good help. I break the antics not the spirit of the equines i have unlike others. Alrihgt Parelli, you don`t here about stuff like that where I live. Thanks a lot
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