Summer time fun!

Poofy 5:35pm, 18 April 2008
What is your favorites thing to do with your horse in the summer time?

Mine is to go on a picnic with him. :)
clear sleet [deleted] 10 years ago
omj that sounds like fun!!! mine would prob b riding him around bareback and barefoot on a trailride or through the pasture
Etsumi-chan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Etsumi-chan (member) 10 years ago
A picnic with your horse never thought of that!! That sounds like a lot of fun.

I hope I can go on trail rides too. I really just want to spend more time with my guy now that it's not cold out. ^_^
Rosie Kliskey 10 years ago
i love lying down with mine =]
sometimes he falls asleep on me haha its so cute =]
but i love going to shows too especially show jumping ones =]
louchiere79 10 years ago
I love just setting on the fence with my morning coffee and talking to my horses while they have breakfast:) Picnics are awesome Poofy! This is the best time of year!
Dásemd 10 years ago
-Taking a really long trail ride with my horse and have a picnic somewhere.

-Travel through Iceland or some part of Iceland on horses, often takes few days or up to 2 weeks or even more, depends.

Go swimming
Poofy 10 years ago
All those sound fun everyone! :)
louchiere79 10 years ago
I spend most of my summer fixing fences...But this doesn't qualify as fun lol! I agrea with you Poofy everyones ideas sounds awesome!
M.J.K.Ranch 10 years ago
im lucky enough to be in fl. so we get to ride and show all year long, but just any time i get to spend with my girl is great, really now that i am working, it seems like there is never enough time in the day, now, so take every moment you can..
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
I love summer. My mom and I are going to riding. Right now we are building a new pasture in the woods. I am going to teach my best friend how to ride too.
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