geeoashley 1:36am, 25 March 2008
!!!!!!!!Critique This Horse NEW PHOTOS!!!!!!!!

Ok please give me your honest opinion of this mare she is a Dun AQHA mare her registered name is Skipn Chantilly Lace. Please tell me what you think. Do you like her conformation and tell me any flaws you think she has. What discipline do you think this mare would be good for (I have show her at halter successfully and thought about training her for western pleasure, have tried her on the cattle don't have a cowier horse at the barn and i train roping horses) . Just say what you think of her do you like her?

1.) 2 1/2 YRS OLD
Tilly turning
She is 2 1/2 yrs in this picture

skipn chantilly lace
She is 8 months old in this picture

She is 5 months old in this picture

4.) 6 DAYS OLD
She is 6 days old in this picture
wow, I think she's beautiful!!
she looks like she would be a good western pleasure horse.
geeoashley 10 years ago
Thank you Kashmere
geeoashley Posted 10 years ago. Edited by geeoashley (member) 10 years ago
Yes I am thinking about Pleasure because she is an excellent mover but she is bred for halter and is very heavy muscled will probably be to bulky for western pleasure considering that most of the pleasure horses are 17 hands tall and look like they aren't fed enough
Poofy 10 years ago
I think that she looks really beautiful! :)
clear sleet [deleted] 10 years ago
shes really pretty! im prob not the best judge of a quater horse, considering i do dressage, but i see your point about her being a little 2 broad-boned for western pleasure. but she looks like shes a qh that could do just about anything! she seems very strong so she could handle the harder stuff if u wanted to steer her that way!
very beautiful though!
geeoashley 10 years ago
Thank you poofy
geeoashley 10 years ago
Thank you kiss nick
M.J.K.Ranch 10 years ago
dont let those tall leggy horses push you away, some of your best pleasure riding horses are short backed and only 15.2 hands, some of the most comfortable horses i have ever riden have been that size. and most of all, try everything with her and keep doing what she does best, not what she was bred for, and is she does great at more than one event do them all, then you have a great all around horse and that really helps in the long run, if you ever breed her..
the top pic you have of her isnt the best pic to judge her confirmation. you need to look at a standing pic of her, w/her squared up, but she doesnt look to be to overly big.. ive seen bigger in the pleasure ring..
geeoashley Posted 10 years ago. Edited by geeoashley (member) 10 years ago
Thank you the photo at the top is from about 6 months ago she hit a growth spirt and is much larger now she stands about 15 hands and weighs more than 1200lbs at 3 yrs old she is very big every one that comes out to the barn thinks she is like 5-6 yrs old
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