Hi I am new

zippy card [deleted] 8:25pm, 17 March 2008
Hi just wanted to say hello. I own a thoroughbred gelding named Maxwell & 2 minis named Luna and Buttercup I will enjoy looking at all the photos :-)
Hi I am also new, I have a QH, perchon cross gelding and a standardbred mare. I hope to put the best of my photos on here of the two when I am home in the summers from school.

I hope this place will keep me from missing them.
Poofy 10 years ago
Hello everyone! :) Glad to see two new faces in here! :) I can't wait to see the photos of your horses! :)
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Hey, Welcome. Its great to get new people in here. Excited to see pictures! :)
mfoley25 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm also new. We live in Oceanside, CA, and have two horses, a pure-bred flea-bit Arabian and a Thoroughbred.
Poofy 10 years ago
Hi, mfoley25! :) Glad to have you in our group! :) Hope you have fun!
mfoley25 10 years ago
Hi Poofy, can you tell me why it says permalink/edit/delete on my postings, while all others just say permalink? Help please!
Margot :)
And yes, I'm having fun in this group!
Poofy 10 years ago

It is becuase they are your posts, so it gives you the oppsion to changes/edit them and stuff. But you are not an admin, so you can't change anyone elses. :)
mfoley25 10 years ago
Hi Poofy,
I'm still confused. Why doesn't anybody else's pictures say permalink edit delete? They all just say permalink. I don't want to edit or delete anybody's picture, I'm just wondering why only my posts say that.
Look at Phantom chicks post - it only says permalink, and look at Serenissma - it only says permalink.
louchiere79 10 years ago
Hi! And welcome to our group! Hope you have a great time in here!
TheSupremeWoofy 10 years ago
I think its so you can edit your owe posts but it not sopost to so that on thers. hmm.. are you a admin?
mfoley25 10 years ago
Hi - I finally figured it out - DUH!
ThessaSvea 10 years ago
I am brand new here, and I dont own a horse right now, but my family do. In the family there is a shetland pony and a haflinger.
I love horses of all kind!
.Ryleyanne. 9 years ago
Hey guys! I'm new here as well, I just got a flickr account a couple of days ago actually!
Currently I have a Irish Draft named Maxwell and he's pretty much my baby. We event and hoping to get a couple more trainings in before I retire him.
clay4life111 9 years ago
hi i just joined today! is there anything to know about this...i love horses to and have some pics up already...take a look!
Poofy 9 years ago
HI everyone! :) Glad to see new faces in here! :) I hope you enjoy this group!
piebald pony 8 years ago
im new 2, i really like it here :) i dnt own any horses or ponies but i hire a lovely pony called izzy <3
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