aquatic view [deleted] 6:10pm, 18 February 2008
How do you upload a picture into a group? I have lots of horse photos, but I don't know how you upload them into a group. So please tell me in reply!!!
Poofy 10 years ago
All you have to do to add a photo to the group is take these steps.

1- Go to your photo stream and click on the photo you want to add.
2- Look at the top of your photo, there will be little icons.
3- Click on the icon that says "send to group".
4- Then add to the group you would like it to be in. :)

I can't wait to see you amazing horse photos. :) Hope you have fun in the group.

Also you can add photos in a lot, by going into "Organize" on the top of the flickr page. :) If there is anything else you need help with, just ask.

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