Hello I'm new

Etsumi-chan 9:14pm, 22 January 2008
Hello my names Jessica I'm new to this group. Last June my biggest dream came true I got my own horse his name is Jessie 2.
I can't wait to look at everyones photos of their pretty horses

Nice to meet you all :)
andie2328 10 years ago
Hello Jessica, I'm new too, my name is Andie. I have 2 horses a spotted saddlebred mare and a bay quarter horse mare that we just rescued a week ago. She is doing just great already.
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Hello nice to meet you! Your horses sound lovely.
It's great that your rescued horse is doing so well. ^_^
Poofy 10 years ago
Hi, to both of you! Glad to see new faces! I hope you both have fun sharing your photos of your horses!
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Thank you!! Sharing is a lot of fun :)
kiwipilu PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I'm also new!I am a horse rider but unfortunately not owner yet. Nice to meet you all and share photos!
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Welcome!!!! :) I hope someday you can be a horse owner!!
Poofy 10 years ago
I hope so too! :) Glad you could be a part of this group!
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Hey, gald to have new people.
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Yay!! Thank you ^_^
*Maddison* 10 years ago
Hi I am new to and I have 2 horses and 3rd one coming I look forword to seeing your photos!
kparlberg 10 years ago
Hi Everyone I'm new also to this group. I just found flickr and like it so far. Check out my photos. I have 4 horses right now. Two TW mares, my daughter rides the paint (Mutaga), the black (Tiffany) is just 3 and in training. I bought an 8 mo old filly last Oct. 07 she (Silver) is half APH & half Arabian, just a sweetheart. Last week I bought a Rocky Mountain Mare, Roxy. Roxy is 9 and as sweet as ever.
Double K Ranch
Birch Run, MI
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Welcome I hope you guys like it here like I do ^_^
~Elise~ 10 years ago
im liking it here to! Everyone is very nice!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
welcome to the group, i hope you like it here
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Welcome :)
louchiere79 10 years ago
Welcome!!! :D Hope you have a great time here!
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Hey, we all have seem to have a good time, and get itno some great disscusions. I think you'll like it! :0
D o m i n i q u e K. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by D o m i n i q u e K. (member) 10 years ago
Hi everyone
i am happy to join! i just didn't get into flicr too deep untill now, & just discovered these groups.
If you look at my (small) photostream you will see most of my photo's are about horses. We have two;one pony Spirit, she is Spirited and at the same time you can explode a bomb beside her and she'll continue eating her green grass. She's about 18.
We also have a trotter, Woody (Worth while) very sweet and hardworking he's from may 2004 so really just 3. Both of my daughters (11 and 15) ride horse (endurance)
Love to see all your horse pics!
Dinky4u PRO 10 years ago
hi i am tammy from florida and i m going to enjoy this group
Rosie Kliskey 10 years ago
hey new people =]
check out my photos of my sister...i ride too but i cant take pictures of myself and the rest of my family are technically inept.
louchiere79 10 years ago
Welcome!!! Hope everyone has a great time here! :D Thanks for joining!
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Hello welcome those new to the group :)
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Howdy Yall!
brawny lake [deleted] 10 years ago
hi :) i'm new aswell, i own an arabian chestnut gelding, 4 years old, in michigan, and here in germany i have a 28 year old Hesse, brown, whom i am allowed to ride twice a week.
looking forward to looking at lots of pictures!
louchiere79 10 years ago
orange chalk [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi, im new...i have a bay quarter horse who is the best horse in the world.
Dásemd 10 years ago
Aloha all =]
I'm new aswell.
I'm Birna
17 years old
live in Iceland
Around the internet I go under the name Dásemd (Wich is also my copyright name, mark my stuff with it)
I own and ride a pure Icelandic mare called Dásemd (got the name there)
she's 10 years old, grey, ;)
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Hello!! ^_^ Welcome to this group
clear sleet [deleted] 10 years ago
Hey, im also new and i have a gray connemara and he is so awesome! and the sweetest horse ever! his name is Frank :)
AryaNerjana 10 years ago
Hi! I'm new here to. My name is Helga and am 20 years old and have a Horse who's name is Næturgali.
barly_roy_red,, PRO 10 years ago
Hi Peter ,NE England ..
i am not a owner ,but have some pictures i would like to share ,is that OK,,,
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