~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11:18pm, 12 November 2007
If you were to be any horse what would it be and where in the world would you wanna live?

I would love to be a Gypsy Vanner and live in Ireland. Where do you wanna live if you were a horse?
Poofy 11 years ago
I would be an arabain horse and live in the desert!
mchern 11 years ago
Probably I would love to be MY horse!:-)))
blather44 PRO 11 years ago
I would be a pet horse of a kid who was my best friend, I would live in the mountains of Wyoming and me and my pal ( who treated me wonderfully) would go everywhere together.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol wow i like that thats awsome!
alkapanne 11 years ago
I think it'd be cool if I were a Paint doing work on a ranch in Texas. That would be an interesting life. Difficult, but interesting. =)
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol yeah your right and i love paints they are awsome!
alkapanne 11 years ago
Me, too. =) I have two of them and they're amazing.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol awsome i love most of all gypsy vanners they are so awsome!
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