posing tips?

blather44 PRO 4:40pm, 2 November 2007
I'm taking christmas pic's with my 3 kids& 2 horses, anyone have any tips for getting attention, other than a carrot over my head!!! Thanks
Ponytale525 11 years ago
i recommend something that can make a little bit of noise but make sure it doesn't scare them, just enough to get their attention...plastic bag, clicker, etc. other than that, im not sure how to get them to smile pretty! just take a lot of shots :-)
blather44 PRO 11 years ago
It actually went well,my girls think they're just so did great too!!!
Ponytale525 11 years ago
I am so happy to hear it went well! My family has wanted to do a christmas photo for years, but we haven't had the ability to get everyone together with us kids being away at school :-)
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