Gypsy Vanners

~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 9:06pm, 28 October 2007
hey this is Amy and i like Gypsy Vanners as you can tell.If you were to be any kind of horse what would it be? i would either be a Gypsy Vanner or a Thoroughbred!
Poofy 11 years ago
I would be an Arabian horse. :)

Glad to see a new face in the group! :)
M.J.K.Ranch 11 years ago
i would be a dark bay quarter horse
louchiere79 11 years ago
I would be a wild mustang.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
wow i love that people actually know what they would be i love horses but my most recent favorite are Gypsy Vanners so i would be one of those! and thank you to let me into the group! ;)
blather44 PRO 11 years ago
I think I would be a spotted draft, or a fat little shetland pony.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol nice!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
I would be a Bay arab/quarter horse/morgan mare, with a white star and snip. I used to have one and i loved her she was so pretty.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol i know who ur talking bout! and she was!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
Thanks, You know. we were galloping double on her on time it was awesome
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