tikagshost 11:03pm, 25 October 2007
Hello to all :)

I am a writer and looking for a picture of horses to post on the front and/or back cover of my newest books. As there are three horses in my books, here are the descriptions.

1. White or light grey horse with black mane and tail.
2. Pure black horse
3. Dark brown with blonde mane and tail (this one can be a foal, teenager or adult)

I do not pay more than a few dollars for the right to use other people's photos, but, I do give the photographer credit on the first page of the book.

Also looking for pictures of woods, brown mouse, a rustic cottage in the woods and fields.

Anyone that is interested may mail me at tikagshost@yahoo.com
louchiere79 11 years ago
Hello, my sister is a prominant freelance photographer, so if you want to contact her at zoofy@credos.us, I'm sure she would be able to help you out!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
hey i got some pics on my comp if you want them!
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