louchiere79 7:37pm, 25 May 2007
I thought here we could share very unusual or crazy but cool things about our horses. So I will start, because I'm such a little blabber mouth lol. Well the other day while cleaning in my barn, I was listening to my ipod, and my horse Char comes over to me and keeps putting his head near mine, so I help up one of my headphones near his ear, and he just stood there listening to Josh Groban sing you are loved. But then when Paulina Rubio came on he pulled his head back. So he has like a taste in music, I was like coooool. But it's amazing because his one pasture is close to the back of my house, and in the morning when I come in the living room to have my coffee, he senses I am there and looks right at me when I glance out the window. And if I say his name, even with the windows closed, his ears move, I never realized before how accute their hearing is. I guess that is why he hates when dogs bark. Ok so I will now yeild the floor to someone else, as I have ranted long enough lol.
sezzaleerose 11 years ago
haha cute

yes well my sisters horse use to like to poke her head through the window and watch the tv or the computer screen and when ever something exsiting flashed across the screen she would nicker and neigh it was very cute. Then my horse he's very picky and can never make up his mind. cause we have seperate stalls and paddocks when every i put him in his stall he will bang on the door wont to come out. then when you put him out into the paddock he will run up and down the fence trying to get back to his stall. lol i know this cause one day i disided to leave his box gate open and his paddock and he kept walking and troting from one to the other. he also does this with he's feed. i normaly give him a basic feed and 2 flakes of hay. for about 5 to 10 minutes he will turn his head from side to side disiding what to start on.
Poofy 11 years ago
LOL! They are both very funny things!! :)

My horse is in love with my duck!! :) LOL! He hasn't really been around many horses in his life, so sometimes I think he forgets he is a horse. :) Anyway he is in love with the duck names LOLO. :)
louchiere79 11 years ago
LOL! Wow! It is so amazing the various personalities! I think I enjoy that most, the crazy things they will do. Or what they will do for attention:) So cute!
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