Poofy 6:16pm, 2 March 2007
If you would like to be a moderater then just say. :)
If you don't mind me asking... I would like to be.

I own my own group, Australian Dog Agility. I'm 15. I ride every saturday. I've ridden for 5 years now. I'm failry good at it. I've never fallen off... (Only once but that was on purpose... I was riding bare back on a old school pony/nag and it wouldn't stop and i knew that school ponys always stop if you fall off so slid off, it stopped and i got back on!) I've always loved horses and i am friendly. I never leave home with out my camera! I'm polite. I'm often on line. And i am a genuine person.

Feel free to contact me!
Poofy 11 years ago
Sure thing! I have just been waiting for someone to take this job! :) I thought that everyone would be fighting to get this job, but you are the first to want it! :) I guess this is your lucky day.

Ok all you have to do is not get to power happy, lol and if you are going to delete any photos, contact me. :) Have fun being the groups first moderater! :)
Thankyou so much! I won't get power happy! Is there any rules i need to follow or anything? Apart from the obvious... But are swear words allowed, etc... Message me!
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