Horse Loves

louchiere79 6:24pm, 27 February 2007
What are some things your horse, or horses, love? Mine loves chips, and picnics, being talked to. He loves to break things and watch me fix them. He loves country music, mostly Chris Ledoux. He loves to be babied. He loves the color red, and when I share my coffee with him. He likes to be pet by his ears...But his greatest love of all, is not me, it's green grass. He is madly obssessed with it. He loves to sneak up behind me, and knock me over, he likes to race with me beside him, but he always wins. He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches...He loves acting, mostly playing dead, he loves sunshine and summer. He likes to see where I am all the time...Oh and he really loves watermelon...Did I mention he doesn't believe he's a horse? Sometimes he's a chicken and he makes nests with his hay, then he is a cat, and grooms himself. He is kinda odd...
Poofy 11 years ago
lol! :) Yeah he is a little odd! :)
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