louchiere79 1:33am, 10 December 2006
Hello everyone! So what are some crazy characteristics of your horses? For one mine loves picnics, and potato chips!
backroadshutterbug 12 years ago
Mine loves attention any kind and the norm carrots and apples.LOL
Poofy 12 years ago
:) My horse loves to break his fenchs! :) LOL!
Abbles (not apples) 12 years ago
The horse I ride has a pooping spot that he always has to go to during our trail rides.
Keith Jack 11 years ago
My horse loves rolling, muddier the better
Poofy 11 years ago
LOL! They both sound like little devils! :)
louchiere79 11 years ago
My horse likes to roll too, right after I groom him, he has a thing about staying dirty. He also likes to escape, he thinks it's some kind of game...He also kills snakes! But he is afraid of dogs.
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