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This is a thread for tutorials, feel free to add any that haven't been mentioned.


assorted tutorials

Pete Carr (vanilla days)
Brendan Dekora Photography PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Brendan Dekora Photography (member) 8 years ago
My own for night HDR shooting:

Steps/things needed for night HDR

1. a sturdy tripod (I usually shoot handheld during the day, if there's enough light to get fast shutter speeds)

2. a remote release to get exposures longer than 30 seconds (any will work but if it doesn't have a timer on it bring a stopwatch or something to measure exposure time)

3. turn off VR/IS (for tripod work in general)

4. adjust shutter speed manually, because you'll need to go longer than 30 seconds. Every EV step the time is doubled or halved. [if the reg normal exposure is 10 sec, then +1 is 20, +2 is 40, +3 is 80... and the same the other way, -1 is 5, -2 is 2.5, -3 is 1.25....]

5. with night shots I always make sure I have more than enough over and under exposed shots, I've learned you need to almost over do it, go really wide with it to make it work well. Then don't be afraid to really mess with it in photoshop to dial it in right.

6. try to avoid headlights directly hitting the lens, if you sit there for 2 or 3 min long exposures and next to a busy street you'll have a ton of flare and it will be unusable (I've learned this the hard way) I was doing a shot once and it was a quiet street but there was a bend in the road right next to me and when cars came around the corner the lights would shine right into the lens, so I would watch and listen for cars when the shutter was open and block the light with my shadow as the cars came. I'm glad there were not many!

7. bring a jacket and warm things, maybe a flashlight if your gonna be hiking. You'll be there for a while.
Kulu40 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 7 years ago

please look at all of his articles not just this one.

Really really good idea Mr Dekora.

Ain't afraid of no ghost!

and for those halos we all love so much....

Tips for reducing halos for photoshop/gimp thanks to Trevor Dennis and the Topaz software group

Another way to edit Raw files. as Smart Objects.
Ray Wise 8 years ago
posting with thanks to Kulu.
Hi.. I have made a tutorial on HDR processing.. I thought it might be useful to members of this group.. good luck :)
HDR : a tutorial guide
You guys ROCK!
Justice in Okinawa 8 years ago
i was so excited when I first found out about how to do HDR, thanks for the links and tutorial! can't wait to start getting better at it.
Video Tutorial work in progress on
ravenhawk82 8 years ago
I made this one a while back for those interested in making HDR's for free.
Kulu40 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 8 years ago
Great Hdr tutorial(Photomatix and Photoshop) from Kaj Bjurman (linked here with his permission)
Here is the link to my tutorial I just completed this week :)

link to the Original size

If anyone has any questions with the tutorial or with HDR in general don't hesitate to send me a Flickrmail :)
cfrederi Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cfrederi (member) 8 years ago
Good idea with this thread!
why turn off VR/IS when using a tripod?
Jim Austin Jimages PRO 8 years ago
My work on HDR with moving subject, and painting in to darker and lighten instead of using Photoshop's dodge and burn tools. . .

Photoshop Master Class

Jim Austin
Kulu40 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 8 years ago
Thanks very much for adding this Jim. especially like the USM settings, need to try that. Having re-read it, step D too! very good advice for everyone.
Kulu40 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 7 years ago
color match from one photo to another-lots of possibilities for HDR

more about using the above with specific areas
Here's a great video explaining photomatix

and part two:
Artie Photography.
This guy started shooting in March of 2008
If this cat doesn't make ya wanna quit nothing will!
~wishiwasanotter~ PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ~wishiwasanotter~ (member) 7 years ago
I agree with cammyjams...Artie has it all going, his subjects are absolutely stunning , as is his processing skill. He credits his skill to this man Erroba who is no slouch with the odd HDR either ,
Wasabi Bob PRO 7 years ago
Just posted mine as as a separate topic. Here's the link:
Jonas Thomén 7 years ago
I made this for a friend of mine that are just starting HDR, and postprocessing in general... I didn't plan to spread that on flickr, I guess I would have put more effort in it then, but Kulu40 and some others in the HDR group made me do it... =)

Here is my walk-through of the HDR and post-processing steps I took to make a image... (It's my friends image, the guy I actually wrote it for... go to his blog and make a lot of hits at the end... yes? :P)
♥bnzfam♥ ツ 7 years ago
great tips!
Justin Balog PRO 7 years ago
I added a 101 video describing creating an HDR image from a single raw file. You can find it here.
I've put one together here:

I also have a 15% discount code for Photomatix "TRP15" for anyone to use if you choose to buy any version of Photomatix. (I'm not affiliated with HDRsoft/Photomatix, they've just given me the discount code for readers of my blog.)


strollerdos 7 years ago
Nice tutorial Tyson - thanks
mtlockca 7 years ago
Eduardo G.L 7 years ago
Excellent tutorial Tyson, very detailed, specially the metering segment.
Suzanne Bright 7 years ago
Thanks for all of this!! I was actually just about to post a thread about processing hdrs! Lucky I had a quick read!

maximgrew 7 years ago
I have attempted to do a simplified guide to HDR as I remember when I first came across it the guides were quite hard to follow

don't know if it will help anyone but worth a look if your new to HDR!
lucy___haydon 7 years ago
A new one for

I have limited space on the web page to play with but if there is anything you want added/changed or have questions I am happy to try and help!
Kulu40 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 7 years ago
Lucy your link does not work. that would be a good place to start to try and help....:-)

this might

Lucy's Tutorial
Dave_B_ 7 years ago
boy do I have a lot of reading to do
b.a.tracy [deleted] 7 years ago
Here is a very simple tutorial that doesn't get into the wild and crazy things you can do with HDR images. Easy to understand and follow along!

Have a look here.
Kulu40 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kulu40 (member) 7 years ago
thanks for adding your Tutorial Mr Tracy:-)
b.a.tracy [deleted] 7 years ago
Ok, can't help myself - here's another tutorial (reference) I wrote to help people understand the tone mapping controls in details enhancer in Photomatix Pro 3

have a look here
Ekkicore 7 years ago
thanks for all the great links! gonna take some time to trawl through them, but trawl through them i shall!!

Kulu rocks!! :)
b.a.tracy [deleted] 7 years ago
A new article/reference on exposure fusion in photomatix pro 3.

Check it out here
KnudsenLars [deleted] 7 years ago
Can i give a link to a series of PODCAST i am following of (can also be seen online directly), Matt Kloskowski shows how to process and merge HDR photo, Remove a moving trolley and make an awesome HDR
Its shot on a Nikon, but the process will apply to all cameras.
Kulu40 7 years ago
Lars any help people can be given is welcome
KnudsenLars [deleted] 7 years ago
Just before episode 25 of Dtown TV you can see a short 10 minute show showing HDR processing,
Link :
Malcolm MacGregor PRO 6 years ago
I've written a few tutorials for specific images on my blog. Here is the latest
Peter2010 PRO 6 years ago
Just purchased Pmatix4 and have very limited experience with HDR. Thanks for all the tutorials. I'll try then oiver the nhest few days.
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Malcolm MacGregor PRO 4 years ago
brand new tutorial website here

The first tutorial follows the photo from taking the shot all the way to the final touches in photoshop. New content will be added often!
The biggest list of free tutorials and full workflows can be found here
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