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Hei guys! As of November 19, 2008 this group is open to all members.
You no longer have to ask for an invite to be a member of My Everyday Life. Welcome and happy posting!


  • Welcome Wagon: Introduce Yourself

    Right now, May 11th 2007 11:50 am (Bergen, Norway time) this group has 380 membe...

    Astrid.3 months ago246 replies

  • everyday life books

    Hei guys! It's Astrid here, one of the group admins. Sorry for my absence lately...

    Astrid.55 months ago3 replies

  • 365 projects?

    hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone has done/is doing a 365 project? in t...

    [barry]59 months ago21 replies

  • Post 1. Comment 5.

    This is for all the photos that need more appreciation. Show your photos off and...

    Nikki Kate Photography62 months ago0 replies

  • anyone who join

    whoever join i wonder??

    PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY LIFE!! (Tiffy)63 months ago0 replies

  • ask you something...

    anyone of you guys? do you have sunlight - Illuminator Collapsible Reflector -...

    PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY LIFE!! (Tiffy)65 months ago0 replies

  • Mundane Appreciation

    Hello! what a brilliant group this is I've stubled across. Some really brill...

    mundaneappreciation68 months ago0 replies

  • Project - the everyday world

    Hello, I am a photo student for my review I must create a work on the theme of ...

    l.hebdodelol69 months ago0 replies

  • 365 Project- 2010: 20:10

    So here's the deal. You take one photograph each day at the same time. So, in ...

    reel aesthete81 months ago0 replies

  • 365/366 - a photo a day

    Hei guys! I'm happy to see there has become so much activity in this group. A...

    Astrid.91 months ago44 replies

  • mr co-admin & small changes

    Since this group has become so big - 1000 members! - it's time for a change. ...

    Astrid.92 months ago8 replies

  • it's been a while...

    ...since I checked this group. As you might know, both co-admin Matt and I norma...

    Astrid.96 months ago0 replies

  • 1000

    Welcome group member number 1000, CarolinaDetected.

    Astrid.101 months ago0 replies

  • the most interesting everyday life

    The thing about the "my everyday life" tag is, among other things, that we can f...

    Astrid.102 months ago12 replies

  • everyday life published

    Hei guys I came across a magazine you might be interested in. I posted some p...

    Astrid.103 months ago3 replies

  • Dummie?

    Hi I'm new here ... but I do have one tiny problem. I don't know how to post my ...

    {Carla}103 months ago4 replies

  • a small change

    Hei guys I've made a small change to the group rules. I got this mail from...

    Astrid.108 months ago14 replies

  • 500

    Today this group got it's member number 500. Welcome Choolooloonks!

    Astrid.108 months ago5 replies

  • 400

    As of May 25th 10:55 am (Bergen, Norway time) this group has 400 members! We...

    Astrid.112 months ago2 replies

  • annoying tags?

    Hei members of My Everyday Life Happy new year! How are you? I really enjo...

    Astrid.114 months ago17 replies

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