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Invite Thread to Level 2~Artist of the Year:

Please post your photo here if:

1. Your photo has a total of 6+ “Music to My Eyes” Level 1 awards from 6 different members
2. Your photo is in the “Music to My Eyes” Level 1 Group
3. You did not post the previous photo in the thread
4. Your photo is not already in or invited to Artist of the Year Level 2

If your photo doesn't meet these criteria, it will be deleted from this thread without notice.

1. An easy way to post your photo is to use square brackets around the photo-url

Without the quotation marks around the square brackets, it shows up like this:

Red Deer by Ger Bosma

2. Please do not post permalinks as I cannot find the image in your photostream to invite it onward from a permalink.
3. We don't currently have any moderators, so you needn't ask for a button invite. Any invite you receive from an admin will be a button invite. I will change this information if we do have volunteer moderators again.
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(Nancy writes on 2 Feb 2014) Celebrate the life and honour the memory of Bill Whitney (ScenicSW) a talented photographer, a good friend and generous administrator of the Music to My Eyes Family of groups. We will miss you, Scenic; you're a true gentleman.

03 - Nancy 2x
04 - Nancy 2x
05 - Nancy 2x
06 - Nancy 2x
07 - Nancy 2x
08 - Nancy
09 - Nancy 2x
Nancy D. Regan PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Nancy D. Regan (admin) 1 year ago
Music Competition 2014-4 PEOPLE MAKING PICTURES Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of Music to My Eyes Competition 2014-4: PEOPLE MAKING PICTURES

1. Me and my Gear! 2. Japonisant 3. Lowriders at Carnaval

Photomontage (Santo(Thanks for 765,000 +views!!) ) 1st Place Winner Me and my Gear!
Cyril Peron 2nd Place WinnerJaponisant
Elliot Margolies (E>mar) 3rd Place Winner Lowriders at Carnaval
Nancy D. Regan PRO Posted 1 year ago. Edited by Nancy D. Regan (admin) 1 year ago

Armando Domenico Ferrari PRO 10 hours ago
Taormina - Girl on  beach
Norcia - La Nebbia dell’Alba Scorre sulla vallE
goodchefedm PRO 5 hours ago
Beautiful Dubrovnik
M. Nasr88 4 hours ago
The Parthenon
dav fan PRO 4 hours ago
¡No pasarán! by dav fan
Abariltur PRO Posted 4 hours ago. Edited by Abariltur (member) 4 hours ago
Bubo bubo (Eurasian Eagle-Owl). Cetrería en Peñíscola (III)
eyes_of_moab 3 hours ago
Pecora Nera by eyes_of_moab
Michał Magdziak 3 hours ago
Mads71 PRO 1 hour ago
Spring is in town so let it all hang out, Hillerød, Denmark
Luna y Valencia PRO 34 mins ago
Puesta del sol en Brabec by Luna y Valencia
Tazmanic PRO 1 second ago
Autumn in the Northwest by Tazmanic
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