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Slipped Wing/Angel Wing

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Nixissmall says:

All of my muscovy's have a condition known as slipped wing or angel wing, where their wing droops down, or in their case, sticks out to the side.i think its hereditory, and nothing can be done about it, i was just wondering if anyone else's muscovy's have this condition? all of my duck family (27 in total,with three sets of parents, and all their ducklings) have it, except one, and some have it in both wings.weve just had 4 ducklings and im wondering if they too will get it,so were keeping an out out to see the signs
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tifotter is a group administrator tifotter says:

Angel wing is most-likely caused by too high of protein in food, not enough sun, imbalance of nutrients... not enough foraging - mostly protein according to most vets though. Check what you're feeding them and if the protein content is over 15%, mix it with some cracked corn to bring that percentage down.

Their bones and tendons aren't strong enough to hold up those wing feathers when they're still in sheaths. So they droop or turn out. If not corrected, they won't fly.

My O'Malley had it and I was able to fix it. But he was super tame. If they are young and still growing, you can tape the wings with coban self-adhesive tape. With that many ducks it might be impossible, but here are the directions.

Here's a video on how to correct angel wing. It is really clear on how to tape. Also, if the self-adhesive tape you get is an inch and a half wide or wider, you can cut it in half so it's only 3/4 inch wide. Easier to work with that way and it lasts longer.

High Speed connections

Dial-up connections

Thanks to Mark Phillips for making the videos.

And this is the tape - Coban or 3M self-adhesive tape. You can get it at walgreens, riteaid... most pharmacies:

Good luck!
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tifotter is a group administrator tifotter says:

A couple of photos for you:

hanging funny... feathers still in sheaths.

angel wing
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Coastal Matt says:

Wow, you learn something new everyday!
One of our Muscovies has this we always thought it was a close call with a fox, brilliant stuff.
Thanks so much, I'm glad I stumbled onto this group

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