thomask 3:31am, 2 October 2008
Serge Marx 10 years ago
That is freakin amazing
thomask 10 years ago
i like the black plastic fallopian tube
Museum of Dirt 10 years ago
That's Cool As!

A camera Britney Spears' entire family can live in.
Serge Marx 10 years ago
i kept thinking of ET when watching that tube bit.

How about that developing tank?
Station Street 10 years ago
Heck, that's amazing!
Where would you get film stock that large?

(I can smell an MSM project coming on)
Museum of Dirt 10 years ago
Lets hire a Budget truck. :-D
nettsu 10 years ago
we're hiring one next weekend ;)
Museum of Dirt 10 years ago
Sweeeeet! Looking forward to seeing the prints.
rosscova 10 years ago
@ Station Street: looks like he's printing directly onto photographic paper, so he doesn't need film at all. When you think about it, film is just a stage between capture and print... this guy's just skipping that step and going straight to the print.

Great idea... so which crumpler Million Dollar Home would I need to go hiking with that bad boy? I think it would start to approach the US budget deficit... 8 trillion dollar home anyone?
science 10 years ago
That's the best thing ever, I'm building one when I finish PhD.

I saw anotehr video where he was using giant sheets of film... Not sure what size, but looked almost a meter to an edge.
thomask 10 years ago
i often feel like kicking my dev tank along the floor.
_barb_ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by _barb_ (member) 10 years ago
oh my god, that's awsome!! Was it a pinhole or was he using glass? I love that guy, that's just fantastic!
Did he expose on film, because he pulled the finished image out of the tank?
Serge Marx 10 years ago
must be time for another journey into the world of the ice camera, be it for pussies or nay
digiboy84 10 years ago
supacrush 10 years ago
omg <3
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