DavidLMorris 11:51am, 8 October 2008
And not just because they've (so far) posted all of my submissions, but I've always like the idea of the non-typical image. Now, I couldn't really drop this one into the pool, but I think it fits with the spirit of the group if not the local.

Stone Henge 92
jess_leclair 10 years ago
I'm so glad you like this group! When my husband and I started the group we were really hoping there were other people who thought (and shot!) like us in this state.

And this photo is awesome! Completely inline with the idea of this group! And very telling about England in the way that our photos in this group are very telling about Maine. Stonehenge is beautiful and historic and important, but life goes on around it and though it may not be beautiful in a traditional sense, its how things are. Yes, the light houses and the trees and the moose are lovely and nice to photograph. But life is so much bigger than the beautiful and the picturesque. To always crop out the undesirable is to ignore so much of what makes an area interesting.

At any rate, that was my long winded way of saying I agree with you and thanks for all your awesome submissions!
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