// Denise \\ 4:44pm, 31 August 2008
At the end of September, a friend from Texas is coming up for a week and while the kiddo is in school, she'd like to do some site seeing. There's the typical things she wants to do, like a drive by of the King residence in Bangor, Fort Knox, Acadia (it's still open, right?). My mom has a B&B in Solon (and oh the photo ops down that way. I'm salivating!) on the way to the Forks, so I'm sure we'll end up there and Moxie, too....

But what else do you recommend? We'd be leaving the immediate Bangor area around 7:30 and would have to by back by 2 or so...

Suggestions for neat day trippie, off the beaten path things to do? Please?
jess_leclair 10 years ago
For an easy day trip, I highly recommend heading towards Belfast. You can go via Bucksport, and stop at Ft. Knox during the same trip or you could make it two separate days. Oh - and while in Bucksport, you have to stop at Colonel Buck's cursed monument and see the dripping foot. And I highly recommend going up into the Penobscot-Narrows Bridge observatory. The view from the top is AMAZING.

But back to my Belfast suggestion. Part of what is so much fun about going to Belfast from Bangor is all the stuff you pass along the way! I don't know if you are a fan of old cemeteries, but one of my favorite is in Sandy Point on Rt1/Rt3. To get there from Rt. 1A, just past the town of Prospect (and the intersection of 174), take a left onto Muskrat Farm Road. Follow that until you come to Rt 1/Rt3. Take a right onto Rt1/Rt3. At the top of the next hill on your left, you'll see the cemetery right at the edge of the road. It has an amazing view of the river from there and makes for some amazing photographs. (If you look at google maps, you can see it pretty clearly!)

From there you can just follow Rt 1/Rt 3 south. Just outside of Searsport there are lots of really good little flea markets. I'm not sure how many folks will still be out selling, but its worth a look. There are plenty of indoor ones if the outdoor ones are all closed up. They are usually open thurs-sun so its worth a look! Searsport itself has a cute little main street (right on rt 1/rt3 ) with a fun little Maritime Museum and a fabulous little book store called Left Bank Books. And then just keep going straight and you'll pass through lots of fun shopping opportunities along the road. A classic along that stretch is Perry's Nut House. Its more just candy and goodies now but back in the day they actually had a Nut Museum there. Alas, they sold it all in the 70s when attractions like that were dying down. Its still fun for a peek.

Once you cross the big bridge over the mouth of the Passagassawakeag River, take your first right exit that says something like "Historic Belfast" or "downtown Belfast" or whatever. Off the exit, turn right and keep going straight and you'll end up in the center of town. Before you get to town, on your right will be the Waterfall Art Center which has an awesome art gallery (if that is up your alley). Once you get to town, stop into Yo Mama's for some excellent shopping. And by all means, have lunch at Chase's Daily (full disclosure - I worked there the first summer I lived in Belfast!). But its amazing food! All the produce comes from the Chase family farm and all the bread is baked on site daily. And its all vegetarian! Again, if that isn't quite up your alley, there is plenty to choose from. Its a very full strip of shops (my other favorites include Belfast Music, The Green Store, Coyote Moon, and Aarhus Gallery).

Okay, I think I've burbled enough. Let me know if you have any questions or want any other suggestions! I hope you have an awesome time with your friend!
// Denise \\ 10 years ago
This sounds terrific, thank you!

I'm not so sure about the observatory. I'm petrified of heights and can barely manage driving across the bridge. I had a hard enough time with the old bridge and then my son and I did it over the summer and ... It was bad. lol

But these? Are excellent suggestions that I will have to print out.
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