jess_leclair 12:41pm, 23 May 2008
I see that despite my crazy rant, some of our members still haven't gotten the message. Rogue, people, ROGUE!! It says so in the title!!

Now I know I've been awfully lax as an administrator of this group. I've admitted that, taken my 40 whacks, done my penance and now I think I can safely reclaim some editorial control over what gets posted. I really want this idea to be successful and for it to work, we all have to agree on what sorts of things get posted here.

SO, I have been toying with the idea of having every photo come through the administrators for approval before they get posted.

Now before anybody freaks out, I'm talking strictly about checking for appropriate subject matter. I'm not editing for quality or composition or proper use of a flash or anything like that. Just subject matter.

So, misspelled signs? Check! You're in!
Graffiti? You got it!
Abandoned houses? Check Plus! We love ya!
People doing cool things in MAINE like playing zombie soccer or having a Somalian fashion show? Right on!
Any strange or unique or cool or unusual or odd corner of this awesome state we live in? Go to the head of the class!!

As we've said before, pretty much anything that is NOT lighthouses (unless they are falling into the sea) and sunsets (unless they are behind a broken down dock or an old cemetery) and lupines (unless they are growing out of an abandoned car) and moose (unless it is living IN the abandoned car).

So what do you think? Should I turn on the administration feature and double check all submissions and make sure they are in line with what we want? Or should I just get out of the way and let people post whatever?
Just Us 3 10 years ago
I think you should! Sometimes it's too easy to hit another group as you try to market your photos. It would improve the quality of the photo pool.
Just Us 3 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Just Us 3 (member) 10 years ago
Need someone to help weed out the existing pool?

Also a daily limit would be good.
jess_leclair 10 years ago
Thanks for your support Just-Us-3!

I think I'm set with weeding the existing pool (I can do that?! Cool!) but I really appreciate your offer of help!

I'm going to turn on the submission checking feature and I think that will be enough for now. I haven't seen anyone dump a huge number of photos on us recently and I'm hoping that once people get the idea that we are being more selective about what gets in, they will follow suit and only post their best images.

I'm really excited to see that people are posting some cool stuff here now! I'm so glad I ranted!
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