Just Us 3 3:24am, 10 January 2008
Check the description...
jon always a Mainer 11 years ago
Yes, before posting your lighthouse photo, make sure it's about ready to fall into the ocean. Otherwise post it elsewhere!
brentdanley 10 years ago
Perhaps the description could be stronger.
We see what the tourists don't see. We know there's more to photographing Maine than landscape photography, and we're not afraid to share it.
Does that mean nothing from the seacoast is allowed or pictures of moose? You want the pictures the tourists didn't care to take?

No landscape photography? What is Maine if not spectacular landscapes?
Just Us 3 10 years ago
All I can say is this;

If I picture a Maine Rogue Photographer, he's not hanging at the lighthouse, he snuck in. He''s not taking photos outside the mill, he's inside taking photos.

I don't think flowers, ect... when I think of this group, I think of things you don't normally see, crumbling houses, backyard junkyards, places the tourists don't normally see.

But that's just my interpretation.
Tanya Zivkovic 10 years ago
I think it is an excellent idea for a group. Seriously.
MsLisaTM 10 years ago
I agree...great group. There are many groups for the typical Maine picture. What I se every day is not sweet little cottages and expansive rocky-strewn beaches. What I see may be gorgeous and amazing but it is not the tourist view.
jess_leclair 10 years ago
just-us-3 & tanya & MsLisa - YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

I've been deeply lax as an administrator of this group and it ends now!!

Bring on the ROGUE!!!

brentdanley - Nope, no landscape photography! Unless there is something falling apart or seriously cool that is part of the landscape! There are lots of groups - awesome groups - out there that are just for landscape and scenery. Trust me when I say I'm not belittling them in any way! We are just looking for something a little different. We want to show all sides of this great state of Maine!
Just Us 3 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Just Us 3 (member) 10 years ago
Yeah! Thank you!

It is a great concept for a group. I think it will be an interesting and diverse set of photos different from the typical Maine group.

Bravo on the smackdown!
jon always a Mainer 10 years ago
I've been out of touch for awhile. Glad to know what I thought the group was about was accurate. I'll be hunting up some photos . . . !
P_Breen PRO 10 years ago
Just found this group and I think its a great idea
// Denise \\ 10 years ago
What a fun idea for a group!! *goes searching*
david_marchione 10 years ago

I'm new to the group and to Maine. Can any of you suggest some good spots for me to check out? It's easy enough getting around Portland and finding subject matter, but if I were looking to get out of town to photograph abandoned buildings etc.., where should I begin?
jess_leclair 10 years ago
It really depends on what sort of stuff you are interested in! If you want something more urban-ish - check out Lewiston and Auburn. Lots of urban decay there. If you want something more rural, well, um, just start anywhere. There are sooooo many little towns with abandoned houses and so many old mill towns where the mills are not in use anymore. My advice is to just pick a direction and start driving. I'm a big fan of the Belfast area (I used to live there!) You'll want to head north of there - more Stockton Springs than Camden. And for a real treat, head all the way out to Machias on any road that is not a highway. You'll see a whole lot of Maine that way.
david_marchione 10 years ago
Thank you for the suggestions. My wifes family lives up in Washington County ( Baileyville ). I recently picked up a bunch of books on New England ghost towns and abandoned mills etc.. All the books I have are fairly old, so we'll see what I can find.
GlenFa 9 years ago
I'm a little tardy reading this and the mmmmm thread so forgive the "flower" pic I just tried to post :-/. I like this revised version.
epomorski 9 years ago
I've been shooting abandoned mills and factories in Maine for about five years, showing some of that work at various spots in Portland now.

Urban decay is a lot of fun to shoot, but it's depressing and dangerous too. It's quite sad to see how many of the gigantic old manufacturing facilities in our state were shut down with no regard for cleanup or even stock liquidation... millions of dollars worth of machinery and warehouses full of replacement parts, personal items like reading glasses and clothing, all left in place to rot and rust away. Such a waste.
Robert Moran. PRO 8 years ago
How about supplying a comment code so we can let others know where we saw the image?

Something small and understated like " Seen in Maine Rogue Photographers Association"

No graphics, just a simple sentence to copy and paste? I think it helps promote the site.
Just Us 3 8 years ago
The photo pool looks a bit tainted.
jess_leclair 8 years ago
@Just Us3 - Really? In what way?

@moran//photo - I'd be happy to put something like that up, but honestly, I'm not sure how one goes about doing something like that! Where would I put it so everyone would see it?
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