doubtful color [deleted] 6:14am, 14 January 2007
Share some of your thoughts on film vs. digital.
Rebecca DeLisle 12 years ago
I am in the process of selling my film cameras. I like them but since I got my digital I am no longer using them. I was able to take a bunch of great pictures with them and would like to purchase a negative scanner so I can get them on the computer without having to scan in the individual pictures.
doubtful color [deleted] 12 years ago
tattingstar2, I would like to recommend an Epson Perfection (I am using 2450) scanner. It's a combination of flatbed with film. It looks like Epson Perfection 4490 PHOTO is only 200 bucks.
Flammenwerfer 11 years ago
I still use it with my only camera.. NikonFE. At some point I'll pick up a cool digital.. Likely a D300 or D2Xs.

Film rocks.
naminukas 11 years ago
i use film almost exclusively. i like the pace and the fact that i don't have to use batteries.
JBAdams PRO 5 years ago
I still shoot mostly film, which I now scan with a Plustek OpticFilm 120. My most recently acquired camera is a late '30s-'40s vintage Voigtländer Bessa RF 6x9 folding rangefinder. I also use Leica M & R system 35mm cameras as well as Nikon Fs, F2s. My go-to digital camera is a Nikon D-700 that I use with manual focus Nikkor & Zeiss ZF lenses.

Far from killing film, the digital age has given it new life thanks to high-quality film scanners.
wayneinma464 4 years ago
Yes -- almost exclusively.
doglock75 PRO 3 years ago
Film only for me as well.
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