A meet

doubtful color [deleted] 1:01am, 26 December 2006
Shall we arrange one?
doubtful color [deleted] 11 years ago
Does anyone want to meet for coffee? We can talk about becoming a real association. Or, we can just become friends and drink coffee together occasionally. What do you say folks?
Rebecca DeLisle 11 years ago
I am game and know of at least one other flickr'er who is not a member of this group as of yet that might be interested. Keep me posted as to when (nights and weekends are best for me) and I will at least be there. I will shoot an invite over to my friend as well.
doubtful color [deleted] 11 years ago
Great! I don't think all 20+ members want to come, but it's a sin that we haven't met yet. Fleckeroos, all over the world, are meeting all the time. We should do the same. I want to propose a weekend morning in Augusta (central for most?) Tattingstar2, how about we wait a few more days to hear from a few other members. It would be great if everyone expressed their desired place and time.
Rebecca DeLisle 11 years ago
Sounds good to me. I can travel anywhere though. I am actually right outside of Augusta Serjöga| and am free most Saturdays with the exception of the 1st one of the month. Look forward to meeting others and sharing tips in a face to face way.
MaineMama 11 years ago
I just accepted my invite from Tattingstar and am very eager to meet and get to know other Flickrers from around Maine. Im available pretty much when Tattingstar is cause she is my is good for her is good for me...
doubtful color [deleted] 11 years ago
Very good! Let's wait just a few more days to make final plans.
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