snsdbento 5:28pm, 28 February 2011
do ms bentos keep food warm and cold. What if i want to have a fruit salad and a bowl of soup?
Michigan Matt 7 years ago
I ordered my Mr. Bento recently and expect it to arrive tomorrow, so I cannot yet personally comment on how effective it is. However, according to the product specs, the lower two bowls (the soup bowl and main dish) sit inside the vacuum insulation section, while the top two bowls sit outside of the insultation at room temperature. That seemingly would help keep their contents from getting hot, but not keep them cold.
Maria Macoritto Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Maria Macoritto (member) 5 years ago
IWhether you use Mr/Ms Bento, you need to keep the two containers that go into the main compartment of the thermos either hot or cold, not one of each. Always place ice water into the container and the main thermos before you add the food, or extremely hot water into the containers before adding food (make sure you empty and dry the containers before adding food). Make sure you heat or chill the food before packing the Bento thermos.

All the food that is placed into the containers located under the cap should be for room temperature foods only, because they will spoil if they are not.
josigata 5 years ago
I use Mr. Bento to send food for my 20-month-old in preschool, so I don't fill all of the containers. I keep hot water in the soup bowl and his main (hot) meal in the second bowl. I like to send yogurt, rice pudding, or Jello with cut up fruit in the third bowl, and I either freeze the top container with some water and use it as an ice pack, or skip the top container completely and use a flexible ice pack that can be folded in place of the top container under the lid.
I do prep the jar with hot water, and cut a piece of foil to sit over the food on the main container. His food stays nice and hot, and his cold dessert stays cold.
I love this thing so much I want another one for myself.
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