NoriRapHowlee 9:37pm, 1 October 2010
Mr. Bento is thinking about colors. You are the experts so let me know what colors Mr. Bento should consider.

Thank you!

Morgan @ Zojirushi
.ams PRO 8 years ago
Definitely red!
Firefoxx65 8 years ago
Black and Purple. Darker colors.
Also different sepereator inserts would be great too! :)
rachanderic 8 years ago
General primary colors would be nice. My son takes one to school. no complaints about colors currently. The different colors would help from getting incompatible covers and bottoms mixed up (this was a problem for us about a year ago).
kissingninja 8 years ago
Yes, red. Yes to separators for the individual containers.
j3w3lton3 8 years ago
A jar in off-white with a pattern on the side would be cool. The image of the Great Wave at Kanagawa comes to mind as a neat design. Blue containers with off-white tops would coordinate nicely.
YumYumCravings 8 years ago
I am with firefox, purple and dark blue. Darker colors so my red sauces don't stain the containers.
hedgiehog 8 years ago
What about aqua blue?? That is a beautiful colour and is happy to look at.
aleesha_dean 7 years ago
Thanks for asking- I think that a deep berry/almost black colout would look appealing, it ts the colour of traditional lacquer and makes food look really appetising, blue and yellow are hideous colours really make food look awful.
The outer colour could be matched- I love the look of the deep burgundy with gold detail often seen in Japanese laquer ware.
Please stear away from greys- they make the whole thing look too utilitarian.
beaglebot 7 years ago
Wood veneer.
NoriRapHowlee 6 years ago
It's been a while since the question was asked. Starting in July, Mr. Bento will be available in 4 different colors: silver (original color), apple red, lemon yellow and gun metallic (dark grey). Watch for details and post your thoughts about the new colors. That is all. Thank you and good day. :-)
Ropes4u 3 years ago
Green or Yellow
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