misouintree 3:42pm, 15 July 2010
I am thinking of buying a Mr. Bento--love the concept of the lunch jar--but I am concerned about using the plastic containers (smell/stain). I do not know the dimensions of the containers so I can't compare but I have an idea of using the round small Pyrex glass cups. So has anyone found anything else that they use in place of the original containers? Also, if I only want to use 3 containers instead of all 4, can I put other stuff on top, like a yogurt cup or an apple? Keeping things warm/cold is not a problem for me, I just want a convenient way to carry all my food.

Thank you for any repsonses.
Sandy Wambold PRO 8 years ago
I haven't used any other containers inside my Mr. Bento. I do know that you can buy replacement containers from Zojirushi by contacting them through their website.

As for using fewer containers:
- the first container should probably still be the soup container. The soup container has a dimple in the middle that matches an upwards dimple in the Mr. Bento.

- the main container is the one with the insulated lid, so if you're going to pack hot or cold food for insulation, you're going to need at least the lid.

- the third container (the large side container) has a larger diameter than the main container and won't go into the insulated part of the jar.

- the fourth container has a smaller diameter than the other side container.

The containers are pretty short. I don't have the dimensions handy but I estimate the side containers are about 1.25 or 1.5 inches high. If you left out both side containers, you could pack a short yogurt container (not tall, like Yoplait) if you got lucky on the sizes. I packed a mini bagel instead of the top container once. Apples are probably out, you'd be better cutting the apple (dip in water laced with lemon juice to browning) and putting it in a container.

Send me note if you have other questions. I can take some real measurements when I get home if you'd like and I can try dropping my Pyrex custard cups inside.
Sandy Wambold PRO 8 years ago
I have two custard cups, but no lids:

- Pyrex K15, 300ml (10oz) fits inside. The only covering you could use would be plastic wrap or Glad Press n Seal.

- Anchor Hocking, 6oz. If it had a lid, it would probably fit.

Custard cups are heavy.
misouintree 8 years ago
Thank you very much!
Sandy Wambold PRO 8 years ago
There are pictures in the photo pool if you'd like to see them.
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