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YumYumCravings 8:37am, 30 June 2010
I am trying to decide between a regular Bento, Mr.Bento and a Ms. Bento. I am a student on a budget so dropping $50 (or more) on what essentially with be my lunch box is a big deal for me. I need to make sure I am making the right decision.

I think Mr. Bento may be out just because of the lighter bowls. I don't want them to stain. That leaves regular Bento and Ms. Bento. How much bigger are the regular Bento containers compared Ms. Bento? Can anyone post a pick with the bowls sitting next to each other so I can compare sizes, please? I have read the specs, but seeing the comparison would be better.

Can anyone give me some advice on this decision?
cb.2e1idt Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cb.2e1idt (member) 8 years ago
I guess it depends on your appetite. I have two zojirushi lunch jars: one is a 3 tier ms. bento, and the other also has three tiers and is slightly larger (I think is is a "classic"). I find the ms. bento is a better size for my lunch, and it has the added bonus of a removable divider for the top container so you can have 4 lots of food if you want. A larger jar is brilliant however if you need to take more than one meal in.

I have attached a link to a picture of my two bentos side by side for a comparison. I could also upload a picture of the different containers if you wish.
YumYumCravings 8 years ago
Thanks for the pictures. Posting a comparison pic of the containers would be awesome. Do you mind?
aleesha_dean 8 years ago
Hi has anyone used the Tiger brand alternative to Mr Bento- if so how do they compare, I would realy like to know.
Thanks all
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