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plastic lids become greasy

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aschaneneh says:

Using Mr Bento for a while, I finally started to throw most of these things into the dishwasher (except soup bowl lid and rice bowl lid).

Now I recognized that the two other lids come out ok, but after some days of non-use, stored in a board openly, they become greasy again, although they didn't came out greasy after being washed. What is it? And why? It looks like the started to sweat.

Any ideas or similar experiences about it?
2:35AM, 18 June 2010 PDT (permalink)

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elaynam says:

Hm, I haven't had the problem of the lids getting greasy after several days of being stored, but I do find sometimes when I wash it, that it feels a bit greasy. Try using a little baking soda (just sprinkle it on your sponge); that cuts the grease for me!
97 months ago (permalink)

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