projectFancy 6:28pm, 5 November 2009

Yesterday I got my lovely Ms. Bento in the mail, so I wanted to say 'Hi' to this group since I've been silently following you guys for a little while. My first lunch isn't anything terribly interesting, but I just loooove having everything packed away into such nice, toasty containers.

Thanks for the advice and awesome pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing more :)

blue_firefly 9 years ago
HELLO AND WELCOME JESS!!! You are going to love your Ms. Bento! I have a Mr. Bento but you better believe that the Ms. is on my Christmas list!

Looking forward to seeing your pics and getting to know you! *hugs*

elaynam 9 years ago
Welcome! My lunches weren't very interesting when I first started packing them either, but this group is such a great inspiration!
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