unchienne 5:02am, 26 September 2009
I've tried two separate thermoses for my Ms. Bento, but both have had drawbacks. My first was a very slender plastic water bottle with a tiny little cup on top. It wasn't leakproof, just leak resistant, but what made me trash it was that after a few months, it started to impart a really bad plastic taste to my beverage. Weird, huh?

I've had great luck with the Foogo children's thermos, but while it's fantastic at holding temps and is small enough to fit in the Ms. Bento box, I hate the fact that it comes with a built-in straw. It's a pain to clean that darn straw, and there's always little rims and crevices that has me imagining all kinds of germs propogating while I sleep.

So what do you use to haul your drinks in? I'd like to get some suggestions for thermoses that can fit in the Ms. Bento bag itself, as I already have another thermos that I use while I'm working and don't want to slog around two or more plus the lunch bag.
riotfolk 8 years ago
The straw on the foogo does pop out to wash! Also dr brown makes great little brushes for sippy straws. I pop the straw out, scrub everything down, then clean the straw with the brush and rinse through with hot water. Takes less than a minute and it ends up very clean :)
cat-makes-it 8 years ago
Just a side comment - most plastic water bottles do state not to reuse as after repeated use chemicals leak into the water. You need to get one designed for reuse.
MsSilviaT 8 years ago
I use a Contigo coffee mug and it fits perfectly in the Ms. Bento bag, but doesn't leave room for much more, which is just fine for me. The mug keeps the temperature of the drink hot or cold for hours. Best of all, it will not leak and damage the bag! However, some people complain about the mug not being easy to clean.

On the outside of the bag, I clip a Contigo water bottle to the strap. Normally I don't have the water bottle filled too much during transportation as I don't want to ruin the bag from the added weight, but I do fill it once at work. This bottle does not leak either and the color looks nice next to the bag.

Either of these bottles are available on Amazon, but you get a much better deal if you buy them at Costco. The coffee mugs come in packs of two and the water bottles in packs of three. I gave the additional coffee mug to my mother and the other water bottles to both her and my husband. Both are very content!

By the way, I love my Ms. Bento so much that I also got one for my mother. Now, she loves it too. When she doesn't use the mug, she puts the water bottle directly into the bag, but the top sticks out because of the height. I have done it too and am still able to zipper half of the bag.
akikotaro114 6 years ago
I usually use this thermos bento box!
It is really good , especially for winter.
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